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Interior Design Trends for 2019
Love 'em or hate 'em

Geometric tribal patterns

While geometric patterns almost never go out of style thanks to their symmetrical harmony, ethnic and tribal-inspired prints seem to come and go about every 10-15 years or so as times and tastes change.


With the environment suffering major crisis after major crisis, we’re always happy to see new takes on production and décor that are easy on the eye while leaving little to no impact on the planet and its resources.

Convertible urban dwellings

From modern iterations on Murphy beds to movable walls and multi-purpose built-in’s, convertible dwellings are one of the most sensible and intriguing 2019 interior design trends to get our attention.

Decorative Lanterns
Ideas & Inspiration

Outdoor Tablescape. Miniature pumpkins and gourds fill a glass lantern. Place a few outside the lantern to enhance the appearance of your tablescape. This same look can be done as an indoor table centrepiece.

Fall Porch Decor. Accessorize your front porch with pumpkins and decorative pillows. Add lanterns for evening ambience.

Fall Decorated Outdoor Lantern. This black lantern features a flameless candle that could be set on a timer. The lantern is decorated with dollar store finds, fall leaf and berry garlands.

Console Table Decor. Pumpkins are used to decorate inside lanterns, green, brown and orange. Place the lantern on your console table for some fall flair.

More design tips

  • Try custom or hand-carved doors. Interior doors often get overlooked when it comes to remodelling a home. But they can be a great outlet for expression and personality (black interior doors, anyone?).

    Install wall sconces for bedroom lighting. If nightstand space is at a premium, consider installing wall sconces instead of going with table lamps. You’ll get adequate reading light while freeing up surface area.

    Reupholster a chair. Most of us have an old piece of furniture or find one on the side of the road that we think has potential if only it could get a little love. A couple of homes featured on Houzz this week included reupholstery that breathed new life into the furniture piece itself, as well as into the room it inhabits.


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Cha Decor Studio can help to elevate your space to the next level,
our workforce has many years of experience


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